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  M O D O

    Hailing from the small town of Independence, KS, rapper, writer, and audio engineer, Modo, born Sean Jones, decided at a young age that his goal in life was to become a successful hip-hop artist.


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       While dabbling in the artform throughout his youth in both high school and college, it took the tragic passing of his younger brother Chris for him to pursue his passion for hip-hop, and music in general, with the goal of not only making music he personally enjoys, but to also leave a legacy beneficial to anyone who listens.



     Modo taught himself how to write, record, and engineer all in various forms of home studios, and to this day, has engineered every single one of his official releases including his debut project The Seven Deadly Songs, as well as his sophomore effort, More Than Modo.

     Modo currently resides in the Kansas City metro area as a fully Independent artist while in the process of amassing a fan base not only there, but in other areas of the Midwest as well, working inside out to reach the entire country. 

With an everchanging stylistic approach to each phase of his development as an artist, performer and businessman, this next chapter is sure to be a rollercoaster for everyone along for the ride!

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